Shining a light: Northam region charging ahead in solar panel installations

West Australian homeowners are shining a light on the importance of renewable energy, with many suburbs throughout the regions leading the charge in solar panel installations.

Since 2001, almost 300,000 rooftop solar units have been installed in WA, accounting for more than a quarter of households throughout the state.

Rooftop solar systems act like a mini power station atop homes, helping to reduce both the strain on the electricity network as well as power bills for consumers.

A state government spokesman said the Peel region was lighting the way when it came to solar energy, with the South-West following closely behind.

“Around 53,000 customers, or 34 per cent, in the Mandurah area have solar panels and one in four customers, or 26 per cent of customers, use solar panels within the South West Interconnected System region,” he said.

“Solar energy continues to be one of the most immediate opportunities for customers to take better control of their energy use and to reduce their costs by avoiding buying electricity from the retailer.

“Solar energy also contributes to a cleaner electricity supply chain.”

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