Indonesia, country with unlimited sun radiation throughout the year. It is clean, abundant, and free energy which can be converted into electricity. While there is low electrification at some area, solar power still has limited implementation in the country. Access to reliable electricity drives development and is essential for job creation, growth, and combating poverty.

The journey began in 2014 when one of the founders did research of solar power for final project and thesis at university. Merely interest in developing renewable energy, it continues as professional engineering consultant. With the experience of handling solar consultation up to 10 MW, SV Energy’s establishment.

SV Energy dedicated delivering the expertise solution for solar system energy and application for every need. Vertical integrated of deployment solutions from engineering, procurement, construction, and managing. It is backed by knowledge and research from expert and dynamic team, world class equipment and holistic service and support. At SV Energy, we are committed to provide certain degree of comfort and proven reliability to support competitive advantage creation for the customers.