Monthly Archives: June 2019

Shining a light: Northam region charging ahead in solar panel installations

West Australian homeowners are shining a light on the importance of renewable energy, with many suburbs throughout the regions leading the charge in solar panel installations. Since 2001, almost 300,000 rooftop solar units have been installed in WA, accounting for more than a quarter of households throughout the state. Rooftop solar systems act like a […]

More Georgians invest in solar panel installation

Rooftop solar installations are growing nationwide, lowering electricity bills and creating free sources of energy. Georgia ranks as one of the states to lead the nation for its solar power. “Georgia has a very specific resource endowment, flat land, and good sun and a strong utility company like Georgia Power where it really makes an […]

Largest ‘building-integrated’ solar cell installation

Thirty-five-year-old skylights at the Edmonton Convention Centre will soon receive an energy-conscious upgrade, the city announced Thursday. The City of Edmonton will fund a $10.8-million project to modernize the atrium of the Edmonton Conference Centre, which the city owns. Approximately half of the building’s 697 sloped glass panels will be replaced with photovoltaic units — […]

Focus: Folded Solar Panel Opens Without Power Source

A spacecraft solar cell design uses a temperature-sensitive polymer to expand the panel’s surface area by 10 times in 40 seconds. A toy has inspired a new design for a solar cell that could be folded away compactly on a spacecraft and then rapidly expanded when needed. The structure can unfold to increase its surface […]