Everyone deserves access to electricity which is
clean and affordable. Increased economic benefits.
Reduced energy costs and shift for
other community needs.

Generate the potential added value of community to increase local economic growth


Shrink Energy Bills

Control energy expense by saving on electricity bills
up to 50%

Fixed Electricity Price

Worry-free of changes in fluctuating
electricity rates.

Energy Independence

It’s time to be independent from the aboundant energy
of the sun throughout the year in Indonesia.

Save The Planet

Clean energy that is directly utilized for needs.
Without having complicated and long process..

Ready for
Green & Sustainability City

Can be implemented as a requirement for
green and sustainable cities.


PLTS Offgrid

Solar plant is a pit system which use battery as media for energy storage. This system can be use as alternative in such area which unreachable from electricity or using generator set (gen-set) as the source of energy.

Solar Energy Water Pump

Solar energy water pump is able to pull up the water from underground well to surface or water tank. This kind of pump using solar energy from solar panel in the afternoon. It can be applied on area with electricity difficulty but need a lot of water such as residences, farms, agriculture, and fisheries.

Public Street Lighting

Solar energy can be use as the energy source for public street lighting, in residences to highways. Supported by high quality component, with high level of brightness and capable of working for more than 12 hours. During cloudy day, it can operate as well for 3-4 days.

How It Works


DC Electricity produced by solar panel through conversion of sunlight.


As the heart of the system, Inverter convert DC electricity to AC also synchronize with grid to be used for appliance or injected to the grid.


Our smart system make our clients life easier, because they can monitor electricity used through daily gadgets.


If there is excess electricity produces by solar panel, our smart system will send the excess to the grid. This method approves by PLN under net-metering scheme.